pop up stores (again)

pop up stores (again)-42963-mes-bijoux

 As I told you long time ago, I like to visit many pop up stores as I can (see my older post here). Maybe because although they are totally ephemeral (usually with a short length) at the same time made with lot of imagination and less seriousness than “regular” shops. If you want to know […]

flowers & fruits

flowers & fruits-42251-mes-bijoux

I’m on the mood of flowers and fruits. Maybe is because the latest trend (see Dolce & Gabbana dresses) or because of my latest experiences: visit to the annual flower exhibition at Girona of picking my first strawberries from my garden. If you want to see more, click here.   Have a nice weekend!   […]

Shanghai, the last

Shanghai, the last-41925-mes-bijoux

 And finally, my special Shanghai tips:  –  Walk and walk if the area is very interesting, but if it is not, take a taxi! They are cheap and you can keep your energy for the good places.  – Get a massage! The best way to relax and revive your poor legs and feet. They are plenty of […]