Flowers & stripes

Flowers & stripes-44992-mes-bijoux

 I really don’t know if it is a trend (and if it is, maybe is more than old), but I call it “the trend of mixing flowers and stripes”. And I love it! For me, an austere girl, who only have plain garments (without a tiny pattern) the stripes are something flamboyant… and if you coordinate them with […]

Peaches with Mascarpone

Peaches with Mascarpone-44619-mes-bijoux

 I adore all summer fruits, but one of my favourites are peaches. I like their taste, color and flavour and even their touch (although there are some people that cannot touch them because it gives them the shivers). I live near a village specialized in a super type of peaches and at summer time they set […]

Nails We Love

Nails We Love-43515-mes-bijoux

I’ve been many years wearing soft and boring nail lacquers, but about three years before I discovered the exciting world of the COLOR for nails. And I couldn’t stop since then… This summer you have to try some of these gorgeous proposals that all the cosmetic brands offer you (see Opi, Essie, Kiko, etc) Meanwhile, […]