Lace shorts

Lace shorts-45980-mes-bijoux

 Never say never! Although I once said (I even wrote a comment about it) that it was very difficult that I wore lace shorts, I succumbed to the temptation! Maybe it was because I saw many inspirational versions…click here to check them.   ¡Nunca digas nunca! Aunque dije (e incluso escribí un comentario) sobre la total imposibilidad […]

Flowers & stripes

Flowers & stripes-44992-mes-bijoux

 I really don’t know if it is a trend (and if it is, maybe is more than old), but I call it “the trend of mixing flowers and stripes”. And I love it! For me, an austere girl, who only have plain garments (without a tiny pattern) the stripes are something flamboyant… and if you coordinate them with […]