time to relax…

time to relax...-45341-mes-bijoux

 No matter if it is at the beach or at the mountain… there are so many places where you can lie down and just relax. Here some of my favourites…   No importa si es en el mar o la montaña… hay tantos sitios donde tenderse y relajarse. Aquí algunos de mis favoritos…     […]

Shanghai, the last

Shanghai, the last-41925-mes-bijoux

 And finally, my special Shanghai tips:  –  Walk and walk if the area is very interesting, but if it is not, take a taxi! They are cheap and you can keep your energy for the good places.  – Get a massage! The best way to relax and revive your poor legs and feet. They are plenty of […]

Shanghai, part one

Shanghai, part one-41059-mes-bijoux

  It’s been a long time since I came around      It’s been along time but I’m back in town…         And it is not to emulate Lady Gaga, but actually it’s been a long time that I didn’t posted anything! But sometimes I need to disconnect and just relax… no […]

last 2011…

last 2011...-14494-mes-bijoux

Aunque quizás es un poco tarde, hoy te muestro lo que ha sido el 2011 para mi…   puedes ver el resto del post en mi nuevo blog http://emesbijoux.blogspot.com     Maybe it is a little bit late, but today I show you my 2011… you can see the rest of the post at my […]