Finally I found the perfect nude pencil.


Sitting at home, my head is going to explode from too much words… and must say – I’m not a good speaker or writer… cos I’m writing here all the time, so it means that I AM WRITER…. Not at all!

Meanwhile, someday I decided to write a beauty post… WHAT?! Still I’m waiting where my friends tell me : hey Anna, you’re my beauty guru… but since I started use make up I heard : Hey Anna, please let me do a deity. Btw… I should write about pencils… don’t you think? But let me explain… I bought nude pencil, so I use it how I found on youtube… not a big deal… but sometimes I heard – use red, use pinky, use violet… so please, let me know… WHY?! I couldn’t be happy with my nude pencil? I was looking the nude pencil for awhile, and when finally I found it, I heard something like that… sad, sad, really sad… I can’t enjoy with LOVELY eye…

For one person who told me that I’m ok… but will show me how I should look to be sexy and beauty…  and finally I will find the perfect men… I have a good response… I AM SEXY! OK, I love be natural, without make up. No one said, that make up change you, and your personality… and must say… I’m weird, it’s the reason why I’m still single… and feel fuckin’ amazing without make up… and feel super beauty with my nude eye pencil.

ps. I tried to be smart and funny – so sorry for my personal drama (just kidding). Meantime – bye bye June, and welcome July… soon more ootds and more fashion – trust me and stay tuned!

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