I must confess… for the first time, I didn’t know how to show something here. When I received an email about collaboration with dresslink – I was happy, because for a long time, I didn’t have any chance to work with someone. Anyway, I ordered 3 things: two are amazing (you saw my look with kimono here, and with watch here), you liked them too. But the third thing… I don’t know what can I say… ok… when I saw it, I cried with laughter, for the first time the hat it smaller than my head… but as you know, I must show here on the blog in the best way… Alina had a good idea, I liked it too, but I sat in my dressing room and I said – no way! I can’t show this hat in the best way… of course I can keep it in my hand or put somewhere… but I wouldn’t be honest with you guys, and with myself. Cos I can’t say nothing good about this hat – ok I like the colour, and that’s all… (probably it’s the last post about my collaboration with dresslink, I’m pretty sure that they’ll be mad at me) anyway, I sent the email about this situation and I received the funny message –

The hat is really like the one you have …

ok can I cry know? I like hats, I like play with them and are cool for basic looks but not this time… well, at least looks nice on the picture.




So what do you think? It’s similar? Let me know… 🙂


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