So kiss me… part II



Hope you have a lovely sunday, and is better than my… I’m at work all day. But tomorrow I have day off, and finally I don’t have any plans for meeting or something similar, so I’m going to change something, probably I’ll tell you everything on instagram.

Anyway, today’s post is all about beauty, and my new addiction. Probably you should remember my last beauty post, because it was about my new lipstics, and must confess, now I’m little bit scared! I wrote month ago a post, where I showed you only 5 lipstics, and now I have 20 or more. I can’t count 🙂 Maybe they are similar, but I love them all. Also now I’m a huge fan of Rimmel’s lipstics.

Once again, must confess I’m a lover of classic. But what do you think? What colour do you like the most?


If you like lipstics as much as I, you should know that sometimes our lips are dry, but I found the solution. And I like my balms collection too. And 3 lip glosses.


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