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Hope you spent a great time with family. I must confess, finally I could sit for awhile, and now I’m full of energy. I need more days like this.

However, today’s post is different, because one more time I would like to talk about beauty products, but it’s tuesday, and as you know, on mimundonormal you can read about beauty on sundays. But don’t worry, still I would like to keep this blog for my personal style, but for last days, or weeks I should say – I didn’t have time for take pictures of my looks, but promise, soon I’ll back with new and cool looks.

Anyway, today I would like to talk about etre belle – as you know I was invited as a blogger for their fashion section – and you can read my first article here – where I introduce a little bit of myself, and showed one of my favourite look. I was suprised, that they wanted to work with me, and of course I’m happy that they liked my post – also I have to admit that I’ve never heard about this brand – or once again, I should say – I have  a lots stuff and didn’t know that actually I have one thing from them.

One day I decided to clear my beauty products, and found out that I have one lips liner – and finally I was ready to use it. I’m not sure, if I’m a huge fan of lips liner, Of course you can use it for countour small lips – and I’m not convinced for this trend, still I like natural look with minimal products on my skin, also I think, when our lipstic come down, sometimes we can look a little bit strange – with strong waterproof line around kiss area.

tell me what you think, do you like lips liners? Do you use them?



lipstic – Rimmel; lip liner – Etre Belle; brush – Maestro; perfume – Benetton

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