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The weather is so lovely, it’s warm, sunny. I need a sun protection, so I decided to show you some of my favourite products.

First product – I tried to find the perfect face cream,I have sensitive skin, and everyone was too greasy, but finally I found this one – ZIAJKA is for baby, but I like the smell, and the consistencies. Also I spent all day outside, and my nose isn’t red. I’m using this product on my normal moisturizing cream, and I don’t have feelings mask.

The second and the third products are from AVON – The balm with 15SPF and the hydrating water (will be perfect for hot days). The balm I used last year and was good, it’s easy to use, and also I like the smell. I used this product a few days ago, when I was all day on the sun, and work very well for all family.

The hydrating water is new – I need to try it, but stay tuned, I believe that soon the weather will be awful for me, I like when it’s warm but not when it’s hot. Especially when I have to go to work, and I need to sit on the hot bus in the traffic jam. So this water will be perfect. However I used it once, and the smell is amazing, one of my favourite.

I think that’s all for today. Hope you’ll like the post, and see you soon with my daily look.


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