Comfy classic

Comfy classic-1973-mercedesmaya

I looooove so much wearing this big hat!! Since I bought it I try to do all my outfits look perfect wearing it haha These pics were taken last week when I still could walk on my sandals… Now it’s impossible!! I’m lucky this weekend my mum is coming to visit me and we will […]



Recently I got asked why I did not wear too many national brands. The truth is that now as I am living in Italy for me it’s not that easy to buy national brands, and when I do so I normally receive the items still in Barcelona so it takes me a little bit to […]

Pastel for fall?

Pastel for fall?-1983-mercedesmaya

As this fall is being pretty weird so far… I continue wearing pastels and light colors until it is not really cold… Winter is long so better wear them now 🙂 I personally love dressing comfortable but sometimes during the week I need to dress upa little bit too, due to meetings or other more […]

Rustic Wedding

Rustic Wedding-1936-mercedesmaya

  Finally I have decided to show you some pics of the wedding I attended some time ago near Bologna. The thing is that I took all pics with my phone so I was not too convinced on the quality of the photos, but they were so cute that I could not help it, so […]