See you soon!

See you soon!-3049-mercedesmaya

Good morning guys! It has been a long time since I last posted, I was wondering whether to inform you about some big news or just let it go… in the end I decided to do this post and write you about what’s going on as for many years I have shared with you lots […]

Back to 2010

Back to 2010-1961-mercedesmaya

This weekend has been really amazing!! I am still recovering from it.. I had two of my best friends Ale and Charlotte coming to visit me doing an “Erasmus2010 remember” like in the old times. It was just incredible to spend time with them in the same city as we did 4 years before, as […]



Recently I got asked why I did not wear too many national brands. The truth is that now as I am living in Italy for me it’s not that easy to buy national brands, and when I do so I normally receive the items still in Barcelona so it takes me a little bit to […]

Pastel for fall?

Pastel for fall?-1983-mercedesmaya

As this fall is being pretty weird so far… I continue wearing pastels and light colors until it is not really cold… Winter is long so better wear them now 🙂 I personally love dressing comfortable but sometimes during the week I need to dress upa little bit too, due to meetings or other more […]