Black scales

Black scales-2109-mercedesmaya

  As I have already told you many times, when I am in a hurry or have no inspiration at all I always go for basics. This week I have been running around, doing errands, working so much, going to the doctors (just normal visit) etc, so I had not much time for me and […]



Another day and another post! I am working so hard these days on so many projects that I can’t cope with everything!! But I always have the time to show you some new looks 😉 Like this outfit I wore on Monday to do some errands. I was wearing my lovely black romper from Walg […]

Palms in Siena

Palms in Siena-1085-mercedesmaya

I have been completely out this week, as my mum came to visit me, so I was spending quality time with here hehe. I took her for a trip to Tuscany and we visited Siena. We walked through the city visited the famous Piazza del Campo (what a pitty I cannot assist this year to […]