Ethnic Trinidad

Ethnic Trinidad-1499-mercedesmaya

Today is raining in Barcelona as it was raining last week in Trinidad, Cuba. I wanted to show you these pics not because I am looking really good (as I was not sleeping for 3 consecutive nights and my face felt it… ) but because Trinidad is a lovely city full of colorful houses in […]

Floral in La Habana

Floral in La Habana-1540-mercedesmaya

New post from my trip to Cuba, this time from La Habana which I think is the city I most liked in Cuba. All the houses are old and not really well maintained, but that’s the charm of this city where you can find the old Spanish architecture mixed with the lovely 50’s american cars, […]



Here I am back from Cuba, where I had a lovely time!! I love this country it is really lovely, full of contrasts, wonderful people willing to explain you their situation, talk about their country and wishing for a better future. Quite an experience! I have traveled through the island from La Habana to Cienfuegos, […]