Top 5 styles of bridesmaid dresses 2015

Top 5 styles of bridesmaid dresses 2015-112-jane0229

Bridesmaid dresses is always the most important thing for bridesmaids who are invited to attend the bride wedding. What style should choose to match the bride wedding gown and wedding theme. You should first discuss with the bride to confirm it and then you can choose style. If the bride doesn’t require the same dress […]

Mismatched pastel bridesmaid dresses trend 2015

Mismatched pastel bridesmaid dresses trend 2015-109-jane0229

Today’s fashion feature is all about your bridesmaids! Mismatch bridesmaid dresses’ve Become a popular trend. Have your bridesmaids dress up in different shades of color, to show off your pretty wedding palette. Just like creating your wedding color palette, the key to mismatching is to let your bridesmaids wear different dresses ladies, yet still share […]

Print bridesmaid dresses fashion

Print bridesmaid dresses fashion-103-jane0229

Ask yourself you like to get married surrounded by flowers? It must be very romantic. Because white or ivory wedding dress a-traditional style of wedding, you can dress your bridesmaids with glamor floral print. If your wedding is hold in the courtyard, it was flawless floral prints Bridesmaid Dress elections. Try to remember the shape […]

Top 5 colours you can choose for spring wedding

Top 5 colours you can choose for spring wedding-92-jane0229

Color is to be considered a required item when you buy the bridesmaids dresses. It is true that perfect dresses not only should make the bridesmaid look good; but also match your wedding season. In fact, we have received many emails and comments, and they wait for the recommendations about the colors of the spring […]

4 tips for bridesmaid dresses shopping

4 tips for bridesmaid dresses shopping-89-jane0229

 As a bridesmaid how to choose bridesmaid dress, and how each bridesmaid wear dress characteristic? There are four tips for your reference. Tip one: the little black dress + a bit of accessories. No matter what the occasion is, an elegant little black dress is not always wrong. If you fear at the wedding a […]

How to choose bridesmaid dress smart in 2015?

How to choose bridesmaid dress smart in 2015?-86-jane0229

As a good bridesmaid, what’s better to wear on the wedding? The bride wears a wedding dress, bridesmaid suitable to wear what? Professional people advice that bridesmaids dress bridesmaid dress is the best choice. In this case, bridesmaids can go to the wedding and bridesmaid dresses online store to pick the bridesmaid dress belong […]

Description of a good bridesmaid workflow

Description of a good bridesmaid workflow-83-jane0229

You must be very nervous at first time to be your sisters’ bridesmaid, right? Because don’t have the experience and also don’t know the specific contents of a bridesmaid job in the wedding. Here we tell you about how to do a good intimate bridesmaid. 1, Search on the Internet looking for information about the […]

Top 4 things bridesmaids must know

Top 4 things bridesmaids must know-67-jane0229

Invited to serve as maid of honour is the largest trust and understanding among girlfriends, when you share the joy of the bride do not forget the responsibility of being a bridesmaid. The following are top 4 things must remember as a bridesmaid from brides feedback. Related pastel bridesmaid dresses by online. 1. Help […]