Colorful wedding dress makes you become the most beautiful bride in the spring!

Beside the classic white colored wedding dress, the pale pink and champagne wedding dress is now almost have to become a classic. Usually people in the choice of color dresses, most of them will subconsciously choose fresh and safe pink and champagne. However, last October wedding Fashion Week, designers have provided a series of amazing ice gray, blue, dark green, gray, gold and other colors more vivid colors jump, we see that the wedding dress took place bold colors changes in colorful dresses can provide more choices for a charming bride. Are you’re going to break the routine, wearing colorful wedding dress?


Select the color according to the season

Try to choose a suitable color of the wedding dresses according to the season and time of your wedding. Your wedding dress color is the main color of the whole wedding and the others are reflected in your wedding. It would be easier to establish a tone firstly, tone determined, add flowers and other decorations on the basis of the similar shades, create a beautiful and harmonious wedding becomes very simple! For example: In the summer, wear bright red, pink is cool winter election.


Select Design

If the bride and bridesmaids want to wear the same color of the dress, professional wedding dress designers recommend bridesmaids choose black bridesmaid dresses. No matter what your wedding dress color, dark dress timeless. At the same time, we must remember to choose a different elements and styles design! Let your friends wearing different elements in the details design bridesmaid dresses, such as lace or sequins and so will help heighten your dress. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses will do better for a colorful wedding dress. And pastel bridesmaid dresses is the most hot choice.

Keep it simple

In wedding wear colorful wedding dress has been a bold move, therefore, to get a more perfect shape, should be chosen to do the same colorful shiny jewelry accessories, select the style simple and classic style or color, but the best accessories.

The importance of the veil

Do not worry about wearing a colored wedding dress with a veil is folly, add more of the same color with the color of the dress will highlight the integrity and style, which is very important matching tips.

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