4 tips for bridesmaid dresses shopping

 As a bridesmaid how to choose bridesmaid dress, and how each bridesmaid wear dress characteristic? There are four tips for your reference.

Tip one: the little black dress + a bit of accessories.

No matter what the occasion is, an elegant little black dress is not always wrong. If you fear at the wedding a bit boring, may wish to light up the overall mix with a bit of bold accessories. In particular, some bright colors will bring better results.

Tip two: the same style in different colors.

Bridesmaids group can choose the same style of dress, but color can be different for each person, if the number is more, you can choose 2-3 colors to make the bridesmaids group look more dynamic.

coral peach bridesmaid dresses

Image source: pink bridesmaid dresses by weddingbuy.co.uk.

Tip three: different styles of the same tone.

According to each person’s body characteristics, bridesmaids group can also choose different styles of dresses, but the color is best to have a unity. Choose a main color tone, then select different colors according to their skin color.

 Tip 4: prints.

Generally bridesmaid dress is plain, but if you want to make yourself look more fashionable, you can choose the popular prints, oh. But bridesmaids pay attention, do not choose too exaggerated printing, after all, it is not a fashion show, you should not distracting.

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