Lauren Conrad designed bridesmaid dresses for her bridesmaids

For Lauren Conrad’s wedding, we pay more attention to her own wedding dress Lauren Conrad, but ignored her bridesmaids. Five bridesmaids, each dress is different, but in a harmonious and beautiful! That had to say Lauren Conrad spirit purpose, and for her, every good girlfriends have their own personality style. If you asked them to wear the same dress, it blinded them to their own style. So, Lauren Conrad on the use of her wisdom, she designed five bridesmaids dresses for the five hearted bridesmaids.

Although different styles of bridesmaid dresses, the five bridesmaids bring out the best in each other with a nude pink and champagne color, but also to each other between the five bridesmaids. Although most of the brides prefer to let their bridesmaids all wear uniforms, but Lauren Conrad sure take the feelings of girlfriends into account, everyone’s style and personality are very different, why do wear same dress? Then she begins to design for them herself.


Of course, in the design process, Lauren Conrad is very principled, she let them choose two colors, so although the style is different, but it is the same unity and concord! Second, is to match up, let them choose their favorite silhouette, and through the guidance of Martha Stewart, she picked out for them a similar style – simple silhouette strapless high waist dress. Here she designed the most popular two piece bridesmaid dresses styles and the two tone bridesmaid dresses. And the most important she mix and match up the bridesmaid dresses with lace and chiffon fabric in white and pink grey pastel colors. The five bridesmaid dresses styles are: pink sweetheart chiffon two piece long bridesmaid dress, sweetheart champagne lace two piece long bridesmaid dress, sweetheart two tone white and pink chiffon long bridesmaid dress, lace and chiffon two piece white and grey long bridesmaid dress, straps lace and chiffon white and pink two tone long bridesmaid dress.


Mismatched pastel short strapless princess tulle bridesmaid dresses.pastel-bridesmaid-dresses

Mismatched pastel chiffon sweetheart long bridesmaid dresses.


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I hope, through the introduction of Lauren Conrad’s bridesmaid dress design process, you can get some inspiration!

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